American Minute for September 26th

Who is the King in America?


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Recent American Minutes

George Mason (9/25) View
John Marshall (9/24) View
John Paul Jones (9/23) View
Nathan Hale (9/22) View
James Kent (9/21) View
Fisher Ames (9/20) View
Washington Farewell (9/19) View
John Langdon (9/18) View
Constitution Day (9/17) View
Pilgrims set sail (9/16) View
Taft (9/15) View
Harvard (9/14) View
Francis Scott Key (9/13) View
Thomas Cooley (9/12) View
911 (9/11) View
Joseph Story (9/10) View
California Missions (9/9) View
Rome destroyed Jerusalem (9/8) View
Albania: A Hero; A Saint (9/7) View
Assyria (9/6) View
Labor Day (9/5) View
Fall of Rome (9/4) View
Great Riot of Istanbul (9/3) View
Pearl Harbor to Calvary (9/2) View
First Prayer in Congress (9/1) View
Pilgrims Progress (8/31) View
Benedict Arnold (8/30) View
Indian Policy (8/29) View
MLK & Booker T. (8/28) View
Brooklyn Heights Battle (8/27) View
Women vote (8/26) View
Astronomer Herschel (8/25) View
Printing Press (8/24) View
Lake Erie Battle (8/23) View
FDR (8/22) View
Justice Wilson (8/21) View
Francis Asbury (8/20) View
Who signed Defense of Marriage? (8/19) View
Judge Learned Hand (8/18) View
Faith in God-U.S. Military (8/17) View
Blackstone & Finney (8/16) View
Napoleon (8/15) View
V-J Day (8/14) View
H.G. Wells (8/13) View
God in 50 State Constitutions (8/12) View
Communist banning God (8/11) View
Herbert Hoover (8/10) View
Missionaries to Northwest (8/9) View
Political Scandals (8/8) View
Second Great Awakening (8/7) View
Alfred Lord Tennyson (8/6) View
King Philips War (8/5) View
Navy & Coast Guard (8/4) View
Islam & Columbus voyage (8/3) View
JFK (8/2) View
Herman Melville (8/1) View
Booker T. Washington (7/31) View
William Penn (7/30) View
de Tocqueville (7/29) View
Politics of Race (7/28) View
Korean War & Communism (7/27) View
Ben Franklin (7/26) View
Ulysses S. Grant (7/25) View
Tennessee History (7/24) View
Roger Sherman (7/23) View
Carl Sandburg (7/22) View
Scopes Monkey Trial (7/21) View
Communion on Moon (7/20) View
Winston Churchill (7/19) View
Battle of Wilderness (7/18) View
Apostle of Indies (7/17) View
God in Space (7/16) View
Congress Printed Bibles (7/15) View
Gerald Ford (7/14) View
Reign of Terror (7/13) View
George W. Carver (7/12) View
Alexander Hamilton (7/11) View
Bank War (7/10) View
Cholera Epidemic (7/9) View
Liberty Bell (7/8) View

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